Ken Cheek started his entrepreneurial career in the early 1990's building custom homes throughout the Willamette Valley of Oregon. One day he stumbled across an advertisement for Loewen Windows and decided to contact their factory to see about including the product in one of his own projects. With Loewen, Ken had uncovered a 100 year old Canadian company with a rich legacy of producing high-quality wood windows. Moreover, the hallmark of the brand was their use of 100% Coastal Douglas Fir, which any good Oregonian will tell you is the state tree, established in 1939.
To Loewen, Glacier owes much, for they have proven to be a reliable, consistent partner to us and serves as the benchmark upon which we compare all other brands. Because architectural trends are constantly changing, we must be willing to explore other products, but never at the expense of performance, reliability and last but certainly not least, quality.
We’ve learned many lessons over the years and one is that quality is timeless; another is there is no substitute for hard work. We value visiting the factories of all our major manufacturers yearly; talk to any of their representatives or management and each will assure you Glacier sales and installation staff are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry.
Currently, we offer products crafted from wood, aluminum, copper, fiberglass, steel and bronze. Whereas a number of window and door dealerships offer a good, better and best offering of products, we go directly to best. Each of our partners does something exceedingly well; and some of them, such as Sky Frame, specialize in one type of product. Different projects have different design objectives, and we believe our portfolio offers something for everyone.
A lot of companies say they specialize in the best – or carry “top notch” products – but at Glacier we really mean it. Architects, builders and home owners alike are all welcome to visit either of our showrooms to learn more.